Friday, July 27, 2012

Fitting in a poem

Fitting In- Fifi Colston

It's National Poetry Day, so to mark it, here is my contribution. I may have posted this before so apologies if you've seen it. I wrote in when living in Bristol and feeling a little short on networks. I had to work really hard to make contacts and this is a reflection of how I felt. Tonight I'm about to make a whole bunch and I am feeling both excited and terrified by the prospect. It's the Wellington Startup weekend and I am about to throw myself into the lion's den. My worries that I'm too fluffy a kitten or too old a cat have be ignored as I put on my gladiatorial suit and see what happens! I will report back with a full run-down on Monday (if I am not too exhausted). 

Fitting In…

Do you ever stand there looking
At the bottom of your drink
Thinking ‘Any minute now’
‘I’m going to throw up in the sink’ ?

And this is not a symptom of
Some alcohol abuse
Because what’s filling up your glass
Is only orange juice.

You’re the designated driver
And it’s just as you had feared;
Your party going partner has
Completely disappeared.

You know that you should mingle
But you don’t know where to start
You can barely hear the music for
The thudding of your heart.

Everybody in the room
Is full of bonhomie
And seem oblivious to you
Whilst bonding cheerfully.

So when you find this happening
Do you soldier on alone?
Or slug down half a pint of gin
And take a taxi home.

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