Monday, October 08, 2007

More Velvet

So I am well on the way to an exhibition of velvets now, with 5 beetles, 2 birds, 8 flowers and 5 more pieces in progress... here is what I am up to and some of what you can expect at the Delux Cafe in December. Piwakawaka, Huia, Tasman Ladybird, Manuka and Mountain Buttercup. The birds measure around 50-60cm beak to tail. It's a slow process but a very satisfying one.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Wearable Art- Persephone in Cuba Street

So I was a finalist this year in the WOW awards; the Illumination Illusion Section. What a bugger I didn't win! I had definate plans for the prize money which included a new(er) car, a summer wardrobe and botox. Not all of which would have been possible on the section winnings but would have helped! I cried myself to sleep. Yes I did; forgetting of course that I made it to the top section of the heap and should have been grateful for that. But I am now destined to drive around in the 1988 Galant with dents for another year in the same old clothes and frowning all the while. It's not attaining Glory you see that really gets me. Speaking of which, my third novel by the same name is due out in April 2009. By which time I shall have forgotten completely that I ever wrote it...

In the meantime here are pictures of my WOW entry. Imagine the underworld, dead and bleak with bird skulls and then, Persephone, sick of being married to a drag like Hades, steps out into Cuba Street. When you are young, forever is a long time. No wonder she's so EMO...

It's a transformational piece, very clever inside out stuff with a crinoline. Glows like crazy under black light.