Monday, September 28, 2009

Fifi's Wearable Art 2009 entry

I can finally show you what I did for WOW now that 
the show is almost over...

Kunugi Kodama: The tree where insects gather…

The Japanese saw tooth oak, Kunugi, oozes sap which attracts moths, butterflies, stag beetles and the occasional tree sprite. Kodama are invisible to human eyes but they quietly listen to visitors in the garden, so be careful what you say!

When Patrick and Carol Toner (Made in Nippon, Japanese supplies) had 1000 kimonos in bales on their carport deck, I was invited around to pick through them and see what I could use. I picked out lightweight silk and rayons, all of which were ripped and stained. Carol tells me that Japanese villagers rarely throw out kimonos, instead they fold them carefully, tie them into bundles and store them in their garden sheds. So what might you find in a kimono down the bottom of the garden? A little wood sprite maybe…

I was very excited to see it featured largely in the official programme, because that usually indicates a prize is in order- but then it wouldn't be me if I got up there and scooped a whopping great cheque now would it? I didn't get inspired to write Glory because I perenially scoop awards. The winning piece in the section ' The Dandelion Clock' by Tracey Koole was clever, gorgeous and performed really brilliantly, so I could hardly be green eyed in the garden of delights that was the Children's section this year. Congratulations to all the designers for getting their work a) finished and b) on stage. It really is something!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spinning Gold

It’s Thursday. One week since the day before the start of the Spinning Gold Conference (18th, 19th & 20th September). As the co-convenor I am just coming right now- sleep restored, equipment back in boxes, coffee levels topped up with the inevitable post-event bill paying and administration still to be done. Judging by the e-mails flooding in from satisfied, inspired and invigorated delegates, we delivered the conference we promised.

Our awesome committee is exhausted but elated - Maureen Crisp my co-convenor says it all in her post I won't do a run down of the weekend- Melinda Syzmanik gives a much better precise of the conference in her blog. Go and read it. As for me, now that the 18 months of planning is over, you might ask what I plan to do now? Well, apart from hauling out two unfinished manuscripts I’ve had no chance to work on during that time, and visit some more schools to talk about my writing and a forthcoming Spring Festival workshop to deliver and my usual beloved spot on the Good Morning Show to make crafts for, it’s the WOW awards tomorrow night, so I plan to drink. Salute.