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Hi there, this is a page for useful things to keep you occupied, 
downloadable sheets, craft instructions, writing ideas, illustration thoughts. 
All kinds of random things to get you through a pandemic and out the other side. 
Enjoy, and if you felt like helping a self employed artist out, you can 
'Buy me a coffee'. I'd really appreciate it, keeps me going.
Dig deep for your creativity, love ya!

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Ways with a Tee
Take a teeshirt and wrap it, fold it, tie it and get a whole buch of different looks for your dressing up! No tee shorts were harmed in the making of these costumes!
From my Award winning book Ghoulish Get-Ups! (Scholastic 2015)

Look in the Laundry
Here you go- from my Award winning book Ghoulish Get-Ups! (Scholastic 2015)
I'll post a new way of repurposing things from your cupboards for the next 3 days.
Happy dress ups over the Easter break!

Red Poppies

Here's something you can make for ANZAC day. Your own poppies.
If you don't have green chenille sticks (pipe cleaners) improvise with a thin stick from the garden, a bamboo skewer, a strip of plastic cut from a plastic bottle or lid...look in the recycling!
Download and print out the sheet below out and make a template that you can trace around. Use scrap paper, colour it with felt tips/coloured pencils/paint.
We are fighting our own kind of war at the moment aren't we? And the best way to do that is to stay home, wash your hands, avoid the spread and... #BeKind

Claws & Beaks

One sheet of paper (not toilet paper!) makes one claw or beak.
Here you go- my son taught me how to make these when he was 14 and they are super easy. No glue, tape or staples needed. You can use any sheet of A4 paper- this includes flyers from the letterbox or scrap paper. You might need to ration your printer paper, so use up anything you might throw away instead. You can paint them and add fur or feathers too!

I put these instructions in my book Ghoulish Get Ups which is now out of print, but in libraries. So when they are open again, go and check it out.

As well as claws, you can make puppet heads out of them- like this pukeko. What other animal or bird heads could you create?

Toilet Rolls!

I know by now you must have a few toilet roll tubes in the recycling.
If your household is full of teens, the tubes will be mostly thrown from a distance at the bathroom bin, and none of them will be in it. They compliment the wet towels on the floor!

Some people have issues with toilet roll tubes, regarding their cleanliness. I would say, if you are in your bubble and you haven't wiped your bum with them (early settlers in America used corn cobs husks for that purpose I am led to believe), then I think you'll be ok. And as always pandemic or not, wash your hands!!!

Right now and in the weeks to come, your love for your family will be tested as tensions rise. So here's a craft to divert you from negative feelings and remind you that being kind is a useful thing to be at these times. If you make some of these flowers, please post them to my facebook page, I'd love to see them!

You can also find more daily challenges at the wonderful Paula Green's Poetry Box blog for kids.
Pots of love to you all xxx

Day one:

Now here is my first offering. Below is a pencil illustration from the book
'Where's My Stick?' I wrote and illustrated with Pukeko Pictures for Book Hungry Bears.

Click on the picture of Maxie the terrier below and print it off to colour in.
Now- here's the thing, kids, add more!
I want you to draw extra things in the picture, change some of the drawing, make a new world for Maxi. Get drawing!

Something from nature: what else do you find on a beach that lives in the sea or on the shore?
Something man-made: cars, bikes, boats, fishing nets, drink bottles, rubbish?
Something to play with: what would you take to a beach?
Something silly: what would you never expect to find there?

Then write me a short story about the picture you created.
It might be something like 'Maxie was surprised that her stick was actually a rainbow unicorn horn...'
You make it up, and see what you come up with. I can't wait to get your pictures!

Send them to me at my facebook page Creative Fifi and I'll publish them for you on my page. Don't forget to put your name and age on it!

PS big kids are more than welcome to do this too ;)

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