Monday, August 20, 2012

NorthWrite 2012

I'm really excited! NorthWrite is just around the corner and I'll be winging my way up to Whangarei to run two workshops and participate in a panel on The Business of Writing. I'll be in great company with some of my most favourite people and I can't wait to break out those illustration materials to show even the most terrified-of-drawing participants how to create illustration that is really fun, cool and usable. It's an unusual workshop min that I'll be showing you in a non digital way how Photoshop works and if it can work for you! You don't need any Adobe experience at all- heck, you won't even lay your hands on a mouse (unless you want to illustrate the scurrying kind!). I'm also doing a presentation on presenting. How to Front Up. What you need to know to manage a room and engage an audience. Sound interesting?

Check out the full programme  and register now!

I look forward to seeing you there :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Storylines Festival!

some of the crafts we are making!

It's Storylines Season! We have the Wellington Storylines Family Day happening on Sunday 19th at The Michael Fowler Centre from 10am-3pm. Come and meet authors and illustrators, be captivated by storytellers and make some awesome crafts (designed by moi, the Queen of  Crafts!) Did I mention it is FREE? Grab a kid or three and come along for a fantastically fun day in the wild world of children's books!

Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Margaret Mahy Treasure Chair

Hi everyone, here are the instructions for the 'Down The Back Of The Chair' Craft (over on a separate page) Have fun and don't forget August 11th is Read Aloud Day  so head off to your local Library to hear New Zealand Authors and Illustrators reading from their favourite Margaret Mahy books! I'm going to be at Wellington Central Library and I'll be demonstrating this craft there too!