Children's Books

The Red Poppy

Here are a few illustrations I have done for children's books. I work in a variety of mediums but always looking for new ways to get a visual image across. I'm experimenting with 3d builds, collage and watercolour in Photoshop at the moment- you can see the results with Fairy Glad which is now out in an anthology 'Read Me Another One Please'

For 'The Red Poppy' written by David Hill (Scholastic March 2012). I worked in oil paint, chalk pastel and photoshop to create the illustrations for this very special ANZAC book.  'Far Far from Home' by Elizabeth Pulford published by Scholastic is created almost entirely in digital collage.

Wearable Wonders is a non fiction book all about wearable art inspiration and creation and is a must have for the home and classroom! Ghoulish Get -Ups is the follow up companion and with these two books, you'll have everything you need for costuming on a shoestring!

If you'd like to see more of my work go to my online portfolio here

from Itiiti's Gift by Melanie Drewery

and here are all are the books I've illustrated and some that I've written...

Published Works & Awards 

•     Verity’s Truth  Fifi Colston (Scholastic) 2003 Junior Fiction Storylines Notable Book Award  
•     Janie Olive : A Recipe for Disaster   Fifi Colston (Scholastic) 2005 Junior Fiction Storylines Notable Book Award  
•     Glory  Fifi Colston (Scholastic) 2009 Junior Fiction Storylines Notable Book  Award Finalist for The Esther Glen Award LIANZA 2010  
•     Wild Cards: Fifi Colston - Tessa Duder YA Award Finalist 2016

Non Fiction 

•     Fifi's Crafty Arts (book one)  Fifi Colston (Scholastic)1995 
•     Fifi's Crafty Arts (book two) Fifi Colston (Scholastic)1995  
•     Fifi's Festive Fun Fifi Colston (Scholastic)1995  
•     Wearable Wonders  Fifi Colston (Scholastic) 2013 Storylines Notable Book  Award   Non Fiction Finalist New Zealand Post Book Awards 2014 & Winner LIANZA 2014 Elsie Locke Award Non Fiction    
•     Ghoulish Get Ups  Fifi Colston  (Scholastic) 2014 Storylines Notable Book Award 
•     Torty and the Soldier- Jennifer Beck & Fifi Colston Finalist NZCYA book Awards 2017 Storylines Notable Book Award  2017

Inclusion in Anthologies 
•        Poem 'The Schoolbag' - A Treasury of NZ Poems for Children (Random House) 2014  
•        Short story 'Fairy Glad Makes a Friend' - Read me Another One, Please! (Whitcoulls) 2012  

•        Verse 'n Visual - humour: verse column published monthly from 1995-2003 Next Magazine (84 poems in total)  
•        About Kids Magazine (ACP) regular columnist and illustrator  
•        What Now Magazine 1984- 86 art director, writer and illustrator  

Other Illustrated titles- Trade and Education 
        The Old Man and The Cat- Anthony Holcroft (Whitcoulls) 1984  
        Mr Magee Comes Home for his Tea- Janet Slater-Redhead (Scholastic)1984  
        Rain- Barbara Hill (Scholastic)1984  
        The Oldest Garden in China- Anthony Holcroft (Whitcoulls) 1985 
        Not Without Randolph- Ruth Corrin (Scholastic)1993  
        Midnight Feast- Elizabeth Pulford (Scholastic)1996  
        Get Real Paddy Manson- Ruth Corrin (Harper Collins)1996  
        This Tail- Brosie Browne (Lands End)1996  
        It's My Bread- Diana Noonan (Learning Media)1997  
        Dear Tom- Diana Noonan (Lands End)1997  
        Mystery Valley- John Parsons (Nelson ITP)2000  
        The Great Egg Problem- Quentin Flynn (Nelson ITP)2000  
        Going Places- Margaret Cahill (Learning Media) 2000  
        Brother Trouble- Anna Kenna (Learning Media )2001  
        The Great New Zealand Activity Book (NZ Illustrators’ Guild) 2000  
        Toroa (The Albatross) Hannah Rainforth (Huia) 2001  
        Kei te Papa Kainga- Te Waari Carekeek (Huia)2003 
        Nga Taonga O Te Kaitiora- Wiremu Grace (Huia) 2002  
        Te Takaro Tirama – Robina Broughton (Huia)2003  
        Te Ao Ahuahanga - Chelsea Wharepapa (Hui) 2003  
        My Brother-  Sally Sutton (Learning Media) 2003 
        Tylers Tower-  Vivienne Joseph  (Learning Media) 2004 
        My Name is Laloifi- Dan Taulapa McMullin (Learning Media) 2005 
        Waka Wairua- Yvonne Morrison (Reed) 2005 
        Finding Tibs-  Sian Burling-Claridge (Learning Media) 2006 
        Papa’s Island- Melanie Drewery (Reed) 2006 
        Itiiti’s Gift - Melanie Drewery (Reed) 2006 Storylines Notable Book Award  
        School Journal Illustrations and covers for Scholastic, Learning Media, Shortlands,  McMillan, Longman Paul, TVNZ Enterprises  
        I Mind One Time- Hugh McDowell (Stevens Publishing)2010 
        A Place to Sleep- Andrea Foot (Learning Media)  2012 
        The Red Poppy- David Hill (Scholastic) 2012 Storylines Notable Book Award  
        Far Far From Home - Elizabeth Pulford (Scholastic) 2012  
        Torty and The Soldier - Jennifer Beck- Scholastic 2017 Storylines Notable Book Award
        Grandad’s Guitar- Janine McVeigh -Makaro Press