Wednesday, December 17, 2014

New Zealand Christmas? Jandals of course!

Here you go- a free craft template and instructions for you to keep the kids entertained now they are off school and the weather is warming up!

Nothing says summer like a pair of jandals, flip flops, things or whatever you like to call them!
Here are some cute wee ones to hang off your tree, or presents.

And that's it from me for the year- have a great break over the festive season, keep safe, keep smiling and keep the love flowing. See you in 2015 xxx Fifi

Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Twelve Days + Twelve Artists

In the lead up to Christmas, artists are at work!
A dozen of us, for a show at a new gallery in Wellington- re.SPACE

Twelve Days + Twelve Artists

12+ is the first group exhibition for be held at re.SPACE. Each of the 12+ creatives exhibiting in this retail exhibition has had a role in getting re.SPACE to the six month mark. So 12+ is a celebration - offering fresh, engaging work from both emerging and established creatives.
Open until Christmas and all works for sale.
My collection of work is called 'Eclipse' which is the name for a group of moths. Mine are a continuation and exploration of the works on velvet which I have previously exhibited (in sell out shows). In working with velvet I embrace the 'low art' of Edgar Leeteg and New Zealand's own Charles McPhee  in high craft form.
Each NZ Native moth is made from velvet stretched over hand cut wood forms, backed with felt, painted and airbrushed. They are finished with fused copper feelers and embellished with fur and feather trim. 
Joining me for Eclipse is artist Julia Christian, with her beautiful collection of framed watercolor moths and butterflies from her 100 Days Project.
Opening is this Friday 5th December from 5.30pm. Come and join me and the other artists for a drink and nibbles and viewing of the works. Don't forget to bring your Christmas money- there will be some wonderful works to capture :)