Wearable Art

I've been entering the WOW Award Show since 1995 now and it is probably fair to say I am completely addicted to making a garment each year. Here are entries I've have done over the years. I run workshops on Wearable Art for teachers, students and individuals, so if you are interested in knowing more just e-mail me.

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The Organ Farmer- Weta Workshop Award Winner 2017

  • Exhibited WOW garments and awards:
1995- ‘Treasured Thicket’ (with Sylvia Campbell, Robyn Martin) Bizarre Bra Finalist
1997- ‘The Secret Garden’ Man Unleashed Finalist (purchased by Trust)
1998- ‘The Bee Cup’- Bizarre Bra Finalist (purchased by Trust)
1999- ‘The Topsy Turvy Dolly Chick’ Childrens  Highly Commended
2000- ‘Flash Yer Tits’ Bizarre Bra Commended (purchased by Trust)
2000- ‘The Ideal Woman’ Bizarre Bra Highly Commended (purchased by Trust)
2001- ‘Come out of Your Shell’ Children's Section Finalist (purchased by Trust)
2002- ‘Collecting Gargoyles’ Bizarre Bra Finalist (purchased by Trust)
2003- ‘Bodice Ripper’ Bizarre Bra Finalist
2004- ‘Love is a Temporary Madness Bizarre Bra Finalist
2005- ‘Sophia’s Story’ Air New Zealand South Pacific Finalist
2006- ‘Virtual Realittity’  (with Chris Chitty) Bizarre Bra Finalist  
2006 -‘Body Type’ Illumination Illusion Finalist
2007- ‘ Persephone in Cuba St’ Illumination Illusion Finalist  (purchased by Trust)
2008- ‘The Birth of Venus’ Air New Zealand South Pacific Highly Commended (purchased by Trust)
2009- ‘Kunugi Kodama' Children's Section Finalist
2010- ‘Lady Curiosity'  Avant Garde Commended (purchased by Trust)
2011- ‘Vena Immaculata' Geni Excellence Section Honourable Mention
2012- Exhibition garment:  ‘Come out of Your Shell’ Children's Section
2013- ‘Angel's Trippy Trumpet' Man Unleashed  Honourable Mention
2014 - 'Talofa Lava' Air New Zealand South Pacific Finalist
2014- 'Mighty Acorns'  Bizarre Bra  Finalist
2015- 'Morphology' with Josiene van Maarseveen Other Worlds Section Finalist
2016- 'Poutini's Mother Lode  Aotearoa Section
2017- 'The Organ Farmer' Weta Workshop Other Worlds Section- winner of the Weta Workshop Award
2018- 'Jellytits' Bizarre Bra Finalist
2018- 'Bower'  Bizarre Bra Finalist

Then there were the covid years where there was no show...

2022- 'Fera Dei' Aotearoa Section Section Winner and Runner up to the Supreme Award
2023- 'Pupurangi's Feast' Bizarre Bra Section - Finalist

Garments purchased by The WOW Trust including Kunugi Kodama and Vena Immaculata have been exhibited at various times in the WOW Museum in Nelson.
Persephone in Cuba Street and Lady Curiosity featured in the 2 year nationwide touring 'Off The Wall Exhibition'
Lady Curiosity is now touring in the National and International Exhibition  WOW and Workshop-e