Saturday, July 23, 2011

Soggy Saturday

I may have posted this one before, but looking outside at the rain, it seems appropriate to post it again. I wrote this for my regular Next Magazine column whilst we were living in Bristol- it rained there just as much as it does here...possibly more.


I told the rain to go away
And come again another day.
It did and now it’s with regret
I find myself so sodding wet.

My car today was down the street;
I ran to it on soggy feet,
My brolly fighting with the wind,
Turned inside out and had me pinned

Against a wall where gutters gushed,
Awash with leaves and humus, mushed.
It all cascaded down my neck;
A filthy shower, made for Shrek.

My jeans, a trendy baggy pair,
Dragged a denim driftnet flare,
And I craved a retro 80’s taper
Instead of street-cool litmus paper.

When I was young, we used to say,
Rain was the Almighty’s way,
Of showing he was feeling blue…
I hope he doesn’t get the flu!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wearable Art Workshop for kids!

photo Courtesy of Brancott Estate Wearable Arts

School holidays... what better time to come and do a Wearable Art Workshop with me? I'm running a kids workshop at Wellington's amazing Zealandia sanctuary on Tuesday 26 July 10am – 1pm. 

All materials and morning tea are provided- just bring your enthusiasm! You'll come away with a great piece of wearable art made from recyclable materials. Good for boys as well as girls! 

To book a place, go here

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Happy Hat Box!

Ra whanau ki ahou!

Yes it’s my birthday and to celebrate, I made a hat box birthday cake! This is a great way of catering for the different dietary needs of friends. We have three celiacs in our family, so it’s really vital not to get the cupcakes mixed up! 

Here are the instructions for making this cake- sorry you’ll have to find your own recipes for the edible bits (baking is not my strong point- my son is better at that; I do the art and he does the cooking!)This is a really easy craft but looks so gorgeous! I did one for a friend for her wedding, themed it with sea colours and decorated it with driftwood and paua shell. You'll have loads of crafty fun with this one :)

Here's me making the craft on the Good Morning Show today- complete with a terrible cold (made better by kisses from Brendon Pongia and Matai Smith. Ka pai!