Friday, February 23, 2007

A celebration to be had....

Well, I may not get grants and funding, win lotto or scratchies but I sure as hell can write a silly poem and... get this... win a case of Lindauer Special Reserve a month for a whole year! Here is the poem I won the Lindauer Birthday Competition with. To make it doubly noticeable, I painted it on a large canvas. Cheers!


In springtime when it's raining,
With equinox malaise,
We think of filling up the bath
With strawberries and Fraise.

We'd step in very lightly,
Then sink into the bubbles,
They'd pop against our pale skin
And melt away our troubles.

The berries would transport us,
Into summer with a flute;
A crystal glass of crispy notes,
Dry, but wet and Brut.

Soaking up the sunshine
In our luscious method soak,
We'd notice leaves were falling,
From the faithful garden oak.

Autumn woos us sweetly
With early sunset on the deck
But we'd just top up our senses
With a glass or two of Sec.

The sun goes down and winter calls,
We'd light the fire down under
The claw foot tub from yesteryear
Exposed to rain and thunder.

The weather gives us all it's got
We'll toast its bloody nerve
Then laugh, because we'd have our love
And Lindauer Reserve.

© Fifi Colston 2006