Props and Costumes

I get commissions to make things other than pictures, so here are a few of them. Click on the images to enlarge and download. Scroll down to see them all. I adore this kind of work and you can contact me at fifisart@gmail dot com

Frank the Crayfish

I was commissioned by the Greater Wellington Regional Council to make this crazy cray costume.
It was so much fun and featured in a series of ads. It all caused great controversy because of the cost. To be honest, given the work involved, I think they got a bargain! 
Watch one of the ads here: Frank has something to say!

Toughen Up Andrew
A little dog model for the author, Anne Manchester to take to schools and events.
I did the line drawings for the book's interior too.
Client: Mākaro Press

PK Panda
The client needed a Panda Suit to match their logo for in store meet and greets.
PK was made from foam and fake fur, with interior fans for the wearers comfort.
He was a BIG boy!
Client: Assignment (Advertising)

Waffle Mascot Suit
A fun commission that also netted me some free waffles (yum!) Made from foam and latex.
Client: The Little Wafffle Shop

Chance- the Puppet
This was for an in house safety video for Contact Energy. I made two versions- one as a puppet and one wired and free standing, plus extra large sized hands and tail for close ups. Made from fake fur, foam and polymer clay and wire.
Client: Flying Saucer Films

Sam and Lucy Pigs
These were for Mākaro Press for a twitter promotion of The Sam and Lucy Fables. Made from felt and wire, these little pigs were seen everywhere!
Client: Mākaro Press

Huhu puppet
Made for the Huhu series on Maori television. I made two the same over the series. Made form fabric, foam, felt, fake fur and polymer clay details.
Client: The Production Shed

Pumaka Flag
A replica of the Pumaka flag (currently held in the Te Papa collection). This involved extensive pattern making, sourcing and hand dyeing of hemp linen, distressing and patching to match the historic flag. This is in the Waitangi Museum as part of the display.
Client: Workshop-e

WotWot puppets
I made 4 sets of these puppets and puppeteers hats for shopping mall and stage tours around the globe. Client: Weta Workshop.

Magic Leap
These hats shaped like the logo were needed for the Magic Leap Christmas function in the US. I made them from foam and fake fur. Apparently they were lots of fun!
Client: Weta Workshop

Fuzzy Doodle
I made two of these for my good buddies who made this awesome book, because I love them!

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