Margaret Mahy Treasure Chair

Here are my instructions for the egg carton treasure chair. Double click on them to open 
in new window, save and print off.If you'd like them emailed to you, send me a message with 'MM Chair Instructions' in the subject line to

The Margaret Mahy Read Aloud Day  is on August 11th at libraries all over New Zealand! 
If you don't want to make an egg carton and paint mess at your library, make up the chair before hand and give out the instructions for kids and parents to take home to do. You can get them colouring in one of Margaret's cute cats and paste it to a rectangle of coloured card to make a bookmark. 

Useful tip:
You might find it easier to staple the arms of the chair on than glue them- in fact you can staple the back on too and do away with the glue gun altogether. Try painting the chair in wild wacky Margaret Mahy colours- all the colours of her rainbow wig!


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Fifi. Looks great.

Raewyn Patton said...

Enormous thanks for this activity. It was a huge success on the day and my little chair now sits at my desk in the children's area and is regularly commented on. I have to tell people that you are the designer and I am merely the genius who spotted a great craft activity!!!

Fifi Colston said...

thanks Raewyn! So much fun to be had from an egg carton :)