Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pecha Kucha

Anyone who knows me, knows that I love public speaking- put a microphone in my hand and I'm away! So I was very happy to be asked to give a presentation for Pecha Kucha  at Downstage Theatre, this Monday 19th April. There's a great line up of speakers and I'm talking about 'The Birth of Velvet' my Wearable Art piece from 2008; how I came to be interested in painting on velvet and how I made the entry. Pecha Kucha (Japanese for Chit Chat) is a great idea- 14 speakers have 6 minutes and sixty seconds each to present 20 images and talk about them. So there is no possibility of being bored to death by a presenter who just won't shut up! Not that there will be any possibility of that...just look at the line up!

Peter Wilson- artistic director: Capital E National Theatre for Children

Fifi Colston- author, illustrator: The Birth of Velvet, a wearable art  piece 

Spencer Levine- designer 

Gerbrand Van Melle- media designer: intercept > decipher > participate //

Roger Walker- architect,car enthusiast: dancing with the cars

Sam Trubridge- performance designer/director: Drawing: the performing page

Briar Monro- arts consultant: Connecting Creativity

Chris Moller- architect: click-weave space-time sketching

Tommy Honey- Director film school: Street Crime

Ravi Kambhoj- photographer: Urban Fusion  

Richard Aindow- Fish Head Magazine: about identity and toast racks

Tom Beard- urban designer: about a sentence by Baudelaire

Eric Dorfman- eklektusinc: The Affair of the Diamond Necklace, an interactive theatre event

Marcus McShane- designer: Self-powered stuff and being good

doors open: 6.30pm
start: 7.30pm
tickets: $9 cash only
Downstage, 12 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington

Pecha Kucha-for content not profit!

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