Friday, October 30, 2009

Two friends and their exhibition...

Domestic appliances with attitude, and whimsical game boards make up the collection of works in a new exhibition at Breaker’s café in Seatoun.

Artists Judith Eastgate and Lucy Moore show their paintings and collage work together for the first time.  Judith’s paintings on paper and board are large, bold gestural works depicting her response to ‘the magic of the everyday’.  She describes the process as 'detecting joy in ordinary corners’.

Lucy Moore’s collage works on canvas are like games from a dream world, where motifs and characters interact unexpectedly on checkerboard backgrounds.  Fantastical buildings both invite the viewer in, and keep their mystery intact.

The show runs from November 9 to November 30 at Breakers Café, Dundas St, Seatoun.

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