Monday, October 19, 2009

Busy as...

I've come to that stage of late October where the need to put my head down and work on my own projects has come up. So my next blog post will probably be in December with details of my exhibition opening. In the meantime, here is a poem for all of you other busy-freaks out there.

'Busy' was written and published in Next magazine a few years ago now (judging by the content- my kids are now adults) as part of my monthly column there which went on happily for 8 years of regular paid commissioned verse- quite something really! I owed it all to Lindsey Dawson, the then editor of Next, who saw something in my bold proposal of a poem and illustration combo once a month because 'you don't have one' (I said).

I'm all for entreprenurial approaches because some of the ones you fire out actually hit their target. I have big (new) plans for 2010, so watch this space...

So- over and out (for a bit) Fifi 


I think I'm like a hamster
On a madly spinning wheel,
And if you saw my diary
Well you'd know just how I feel.

Monday has two lectures,
And my daughter's dance exam,
Swimming for the youngest
Then after work, I'll roast a lamb.

Tuesday holds tutorials,
A deadline overdue,
My accountant looking worried
And the Inland Revenue.

Wednesday there’s an opening
Of a brand new arty show,
After hockey, gym and ballet
(And espresso) I could go.

On Thursday I am battling
The ins and outs of new software,
And supervise kids' homework
Whilst I strip a kitchen chair.

By Friday I'll be ready
To toss in work and down a wine,
I would- but frankly sweetie,
I haven't got the time...

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