Sunday, October 19, 2014

100 Days Project, and what I learned in the process...

In the style of Andy Warhol

October and life goes on...I managed to complete my 100 days Project and for those of you who don't know what that is, it's where you register to commit to completing a creative endeavor on a theme once a day for 100 Days. Here is more about it 

Here is a summation of what I did as it appears on my artist card at re.Space gallery in Victoria Street. The exhibition of 100 Days artists is on until Sunday 26th October.

You can see my project here- click on each picture for a description :)

 Project Title: Take it on the Chin

Project Description: Create 100 half face images in the style of different artists and illustrators. The aim is to explore the work and technique of the masters and see what I learn. I will alternate male and female faces in each artist's medium.

What is it about the project that appealed to you? Eyes usually are the most expressive part of a face but I liked the idea of a half mask, but the half that usually gets forgotten

What changes (if any) has the project helped bring about for you? That not reaching a deadline isn't the end of the world and I maybe I am more human because of that.

Best thing/s about 100 Days: Posting them and enjoying other's reactions to them

Worst thing/s about 100 Days: Realising I am so far behind I might never catch up!

Can you share a moment of insight (about the creative process, or something personal about your experience of the project)? during the last stages of the project, my father became ill and then died. I spent much time with him and my mother out of town, and took my 100 Days with me to do in the evenings. I found I couldn't work easily in a state of grief and my drawing and painting which is usually my solace went on hold as I tried to process his decline. This is new for me. It appears that the death of someone so loved was more important than me being 'clever'. I couldn't get to my happy place.

What was a favourite day or moment? In a moment of disillusionment I asked on Facebook why I should even bother with my art and this is one response from a father: 'One of the purposes or perhaps results of your being able to draw is that a ten year old girl in Sydney is given an excellent example of how to be a woman in the modern world. She delights in your additions to your 100 chins exercise getting pleasure from the styles she recognises and learning from the ones she doesn't. She also learns when they don't come through every day. They might not be making money but they are making the world a better place.'  This alone made me carry on and catch up.

How many times did you consider giving up? Many times after my dad died, I wrestled with this and decided be kind to myself and do a simple digital homage to him and my mother

If you could pass on one piece of advice to someone considering doing this project it would be: Don't worry about the outcome- it is what it is.

Days completed out of 100:  100

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Yvette Carol said...

The fact that you continued with the 100 days project, no matter what, is an extraordinary feat. Well done, Fifi. Kudos! And the resulting project is something you'll always be proud of. It's become imbued with the ethos of your journey and therefore carries more weight than words. :-)