Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Freaky Halloween Fun!

Well yes, this a blatant plug for my new book, Ghoulish Get Ups published by Scholastic. Create your own freaky costumes on the smell of a (clean) recyling rag. I'm pretty proud of it and I think you will find it extremely useful in the lead up to the freakiest night of October!

I LOVE making things and actually, surprise surprise, so do kids! There is so much to be learned in the process of cutting, pasting, glueing, sewing and painting. But don't worry- this book is not about dragging out the sewing machine- not at all! Safety pins and double sided tape hold these costumes together. And the book is jam packed full of excellent tips and tricks to create makeup and prosthetics to match your outfits! 

This is what people have to say about the book (all good!)

'Fifi Colston is the Jamie Oliver of the costume world. Give her a cupboard of recycling and art supplies, or even a bag of them, and she is certain to come up with something incredible-looking, at pretty well zero cost. This book, which is the second of its kin after the bestselling, award-winning Wearable Wonders, has truly got something for everybody....' (see more here)


'...That's the beauty of this book - there's nothing expensive you need to buy. Fifi gives you tips on how to make 16 different outfits including elves, fairies, punk rockers, vampires, zombies, murderous butchers, aliens and creatures. If those costumes don't appeal Fifi shows you how to turn recycled objects such as egg cartons, paper bags, sheets, t-shirts, pants and tights into numerous outfits. She also gives tips on how to transform your face, hands, feet, ears, hair, and how to make wings, foundation, warts, boils, facial hair, guts and broken bones, wounds, stumps and bumps, and horns.  She even gives recipes for ghoulish food such as zombie fingers, and eyeballs... (read the rest here)

Available in all good bookstores and online at Fishpond and Wheelers


Debrina said...

Loving your blog, Fifi! There is no end to your creative genius! ��

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this book and you amazed me that you can make a nice costume using the recycling art supplies and the cheaper sculpture supply it's very interesting.