Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tueday Poem- Honesty


Sometimes poems just arrive from conversations- FaceBook is my favourite place; a freelancer’s version of standing round the water cooling, having fun and gossiping.
I put the word ‘honesty’ up yesterday as a status- inspired by Tali Landisman’s notes - she writes amazing truthful, belly hitting stuff that inspires and makes you think. She's also a very successful international artist. (I tried to post one of her paintings as my header today but the upload function on blogger was being less than smooth this morning. I'll try later.)

Then people made it into an alphabet game with the following words: integrity, jalapeno, kilobyte, louche, marzipan, nuance, oligarchy, possibility, quiet, quick, quack questions, renunciation, silly people, trip over, uvula, winsome, xylophone and finally zulu. Ray Neilson from Florida said ‘The next thing is to write a poem or prose using these words.’ So I said, ‘Go on then!’ and he did. Here it is, fun on a Tuesday with words contributed from all over the world.

Honestly, your question of my integrity is like a jalapeno in a chocolate chip cookie. There is none, not even a kilobyte of truth in your louche comment. You do not know the difference between fried eggs and marzipan. Without the understanding of the nuance of life, which you feel is under the control of the oligarchy of a few privileged people, you can't see the possibility of a few quite,quick minded people that rejects the quacks and questions but asks for the renunciation of you silly people that often trip over your uvula that you feel is velvet coated. Your winsome attitude is like a tribal beat on a crude xylophone in a Zulu ceremony. I would debate you but that is akin to arm wrestling with a paraplegic.

Bravo Ray!



Mary McCallum said...

Yes bravo Ray - I saw this unfolding on Facebook - terrific fun. I'd definitely call the poem 'Honestly' - love the first line especially ... Love that little mermaid too Fifi....

Kay Cooke said...

Fun is most under-rated in the writing world - I'm glad that you are a supporter of it. :) Thanks.

Adele said...

I love it ! I didn't think it could be done... what a lovely unexpected poem that turned out to be!

Claire Beynon said...

I agree with you, Kay - fun is often underrated in the writing world.

Fifi, this is terrific, thanks!