Monday, July 14, 2008

A Novel in a Week

I just had to see Text Publishing’s call for entries didn’t I?
Like I haven’t procrastinated over my unfunded novel for long enough?
Coming from a commercial art background I am completely deadline driven and there is nothing like the challenge of a 31st July date to spur me on against the odds. The question is ‘Can I really write a novel in a week?’ Let alone one good enough to pass muster. There was one answer- ‘Google it!’
My search result came up with and an article called the Snowflake Method.
I think the basis of what is being said was very much what Ken Duncum was trying to get me to do when I did my MA in Scriptwriting at the IIML
What I did instead was distract myself utterly by writing a novel, Janie Olive (Scholastic 2005) in the Uni break when I should have been writing my script- avoiding writing by writing. Now I’m re-writing that thesis script as a novel using the CAAF method (Completely Arse About Face…)

Given that I wrote my first junior fiction novel ‘Verity’s Truth’ (Scholastic 2003) in 3 weeks from whoa to go for the Tom Fitzgibbon, it seems perfectly reasonable that I might finish a longer YA for which I have the plot and characters all set up as a TV drama in far less time, other work and socialising willing. A chance encounter last Friday in at an advertising agency (where I was very impressed with the central heating) has resulted in a free (warm) writing space for the duration- amazing what people will offer after a few drinks. I haven’t been lucky with CNZ funding, but the generosity and enthusiasm of others never fails to astound me.

Studying the snowflake method in detail, I realised I have already built my skeleton, put the muscles on, made the internal organs work (mostly) I did all of this work during my MA and now its just a matter of building the skin, hair and fine tuning the brain to flesh my novel out. I will keep you updated as to my progress using the plan! Consider it an interesting experiment and at least might get the bloody thing off my hard drive and out into the world. One needs a reason to write and the lure of $10,000 seems a fine one to pull out all the stops and work my tail feathers off for. A fortune teller told me once: “You won’t come into money easily, you’ll always have to work for it but you’ll just get by.” Bugger.

So said, the following verse addresses her words. Wish me well compatriots! ‘Wild Cards’ the book of the film of the story of 3 teens lives, starts today! Luck doesn't come into it.

Future Shock

I went and had my palm read,
And I really have to say,
What she saw inside the creases,
Didn't really make my day.

She said I'd have five children,
God, I thought I'd done with that,
By having two already,
Plus a budgie and a cat.

When pushed for indication,
Of accumulated wealth,
She merely shrugged a little,
And advised to watch my health.

'Your marriage line is strong',
'But you'll go previous to him',
So widowhood in Paris,
With a Toy Boy, does look slim.

'Watch out for new acquaintances',
'They'll bring you down' she stressed,
Well this was true, to say the least,
She had me quite depressed.

As I thanked her for her insights,
I determined with some zeal,
To reshape my boring future,
With a chemical palm peel.

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Vanda Symon said...

Oooh, centrally heated office space! Keep us posted on the novel progress. I love the CAAF method - always wondered if there was an official title for that.