Tuesday, November 03, 2015

My Brilliant Career

puppets in progress!
It's amazing how a blog can get away on you when you are busy. I started this one some years ago and over time it has gone from a sometimes twice weekly post to once a month if I'm lucky. I put all my current news on my facebook page and there's been lots going on this year; from a huge commission of a giant waffle costume, to book awards (I was a finalist), story tours, World of WearableArt, creation of an historic replica Treaty Flag, helping deliver a conference and puppets. All of the work incredibly varied and all of it wonderful. I can only say a huge thankyou to all the companies and organisations that this year said 'Ah that Fifi Colston, yes she is the one.' I and my bank account are eternally grateful.

And I am also grateful because sometimes it feels like you are never 'The One'- easy to go down a hole when you see someone has had 12k likes and as many shares for a clever little thing they crafted (I could have done that and actually have...), or got published at the age of 23 with a blockbuster novel (my novel was awesome too...) or landed some fabulous funded opportunity that involves attending international festivals (I wanna go and be special...) Or sold 800,000 of their picture books with no apparent effort  (my royalty statements are dismal after 30 plus years at this...) It's hard you know living up to other people. The reality is that most of us don't; we are viewers of seductive spin.

I, for instance, would only ever show you my good fortune, never my failures. I would not tell you here if my family was falling apart (whose family isn't at some stage?) or if I had serious health issues (there but for the grace of God), or that the bailiff was at the door (not this week anyway). I think it's important to remember that when you read anything out there in the public space; that people are not so much liars as ommitters of the truth. And that's okay, sometimes it's good to keep the bad stuff ringfenced and not let it out of the yard. You never know what people will do with a stray thought.

Ha! I planned to post a whole heap of pictures here of the results of my year's labours, so that anyone trawling the internet would see how successful I am. Funny how once you get writing, other thoughts occur isn't it?

Peg Bag: Fifi Colston

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