Sunday, May 31, 2015

Cake and Craft!

I've been head down and tail up creating Wearable Art- yes it's that time again when the studio and also every corner of my house gets filled up with inexplicable things- really, until it's on a model and walking around a stage, the work in progress will make no sense to the casual observer! This year I have done two entries- one with a friend and one by myself- which is quite a personal piece; a tribute to my lovely old Dad who passed away last year during the WOW show season. I think he'd find my entry quite amusing and I hope it would bring a wee bitty pride to his dear Scottish heart that I thought of him in my art.

The photography and dressing instructions are done and I've only the packing up to do and that will happen when I come back from New Plymouth tomorrow after Queeens Birthday weekend. I'm doing a Wearable Art demo at The Cake and Craft Show there! I'm really looking forward to sharing some WOW with everyone and of course my books will be along for the ride with a special Cake and Craft Show discount for buying both copies. I'll even sign them! I may well have a few cake crumbs down my dress too ;)

Hope to see you there and if you aren't in New Plymouth, then the show is travelling the country and I'll be trying to make most of them with a bag of bits and a demo for free!

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