Friday, November 22, 2013

Puppy Love

You may or may not have been following Harriet's blog: 
My Experience of Walking The Dog and her walk with cancer. Harriet is a brave and gorgeous young woman who is losing ground but has packed more into her 20 years of life than most of us could hope for over three score and ten. She has friends and family who love her and her generosity of spirit and fun is inspiring.

Harriet has gathered a group of similarly remarkable friends and her buddy Rebekah Dorman decided it would be a great thing if we could all say how much we love her with as much happiness and no tears by way of a film, so she could see that (in case she was in any doubt!) before she leaves us.Via Facebook, Rebekah encouraged us all to make and share videos that she could edit into a film and this extraordinary gal, in the midst of Uni exams edited hours of video and pics into an hour long film. We had a film premier at Harriet's old school, Queen Margaret College with food and (non alcoholic) drinks and we laughed and cried in equal measures- but not with sadness, only with joy.

If I were a recruiter I would hire Rebekah in in instant. And to see all those young people there with unwavering devotion to Harriet was very reafirming. They are our future- they have empathy, love and respect in bucketloads. Harriet will not be here in the years to come but she has helped shape the world around her a little, in her own way, through showing her peers what kindness, generosity, laughter and honesty can do.

The video is on Youtube and it's an hour long. Most of it won't mean anything to you unless you know her and it's fairly personal, so I won't link it here. But I did a piece for the film because she's been campaigning for a puppy which her parents are not so into. So here's my puppy for Harriet.
If you follow the instructions and make one, then call it Hat- because that's what her nickname is and all hats off to that beautiful gal xxx

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Humbled by Harriet, what a heroic young lady.