Monday, September 16, 2013

Wearable Art Exhibitionists!

WOW week starts soon and this year is as exciting as any other- particularly as I have a piece in show (that makes 19 garments since 1995). It's in the Man Unleashed section and I will put a photo of it up next week after opening night.

I've got my designer's badge, my tickets and a frock! I spent too much on dresses for the season (one for the preview show, one for a speaking engagement on opening night and one for the Award night) and ran out of budget so am currently blinging a favorite pair to match the outfits. You'd think I could MAKE a dress wouldn't you? But sadly my skills are only good for outrageous costumes and I don't want to turn up to the functions in foam and recycled plant pot holders.

If you want to see some garments up close, I've got a bit of a display of some of my WOW pieces at The Roxy in Miramar, in The Grand Lobby Gallery. I love the Roxy; it's a wonderful cinema with great food and wine and gorgeous surrounds. It's also my local and I'm tickled pink to have my work in there!

On the exhibition front there is also a fine display of garments at Te Papa; The WOW Factor Exhibition. You'll get a good understanding of the craftstmanship and creative thought that goes into our obession. Go have a look, it's absolutely, positively free- as is the Roxy exhibition. You may just be wowed :)

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Jane said...

Fingers crossed for the big night Fifi. I'm sure your 'man unleashed' is a winner.