Thursday, August 08, 2013

Talofa lava!

Dogs relaxing at Tafatafa Beach

I've been away and I've come back. Wellington, Samoa, Wellington. Cold, hot, cold. Busy, lazy, busy. Data, no data, 200 hundred emails, 187 facebook notifications and lets just forget about tweets. Lets think about treats instead. Like Lady Finger bananas, so sweet and tangy, that you just can't help but devour a whole bunch. Or ripe papaya, the colour of sunset. Or sunsets that colour the sky with liquid gold and pineapple Pina Coladas. Stop me now before I delve into more purple prose!

I've washed the sand out of my toes, the salt water out of my togs and scanned a few images from my sketchbook for you.

Waiting for the ferry

There's no hurry about anything in Samoa and I loved watching people just sitting and waiting patiently. Rounded ladies in brightly printed cotton, hair pulled into in top knots, fanning themselves gently. I fanned myself quite a bit too- it was hot and I realised I really didn't need to have bought a couple of cardigans with me- not even for evenings. One's wardrobe is much cheaper in the islands...

I was amazed to see graves prominently placed in front yards, sometimes even set into the porch of houses. Family, even when dead, are close by. The tombs provide a useful spot for drying teeshirts, lava lavas and palm leaves. I saw the odd dog and rooster perched on top. Pigs free range around them and on this occasion; a couple of girls deep in gossip, legs swinging in the sunshine.

On the 'Lady Samoa' ferry from Savai'i this lady had a wonderful hair decoration that matched her top, and a pale pink shawl. She looks asleep, but she was actually avidly texting. On the TV screen in the ferry lounge, there was a nature documentary about panda bears in China. The male panda was finally enticed down from his hideaway to meet his black and white date. The screen blacked out as 'the male mounts the female' and came back to full screen when the pandas had seperated. Next on was a movie called 'Predators' full of grotesque killings, dismembered bodies and nasty beasts with terrifying teeth. It played in full, uncensored.

I've been looking at tablets since I got back. I'd quite like one for many and various reasons- but really and truly just for checking emails and facebook. The sales guy said that the 8 inch one with a wee stylus and all the graphic apps was great for the creative on the go. 'Look' he said, 'you can draw and colour and save it.'
I said 'Oh, I have one of those' and pulled out my Moleskine and watercolour box from my handbag.

He let me keep browsing...


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