Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Verse

I can't remember in the history of this blog if I've ever posted the following verse. It was created quite a few years ago in whilst living in Christchurch. There was a competition on MoreFM radio to write a poem for Valentines Day. I decided I would win it because we were desperately in need of a treat. Now I have learned a thing or two in my years on this planet and one of them is 'A for presentation'. I figured that if my poem was written as a piece of artwork on scroll of handmade paper tied up with a large ribbon, it might actually get read by the radio station. I was right, and it won.

The prize was a night for two at The Chateau on the Park complete with a fabulous fine dining dinner for two in a rose strewn gazebo, a string quartet, a magician AND our own fabulous Geraldine Brophy in a gorgeous ball gown reading my poem out loud to my loved one. We seemed to be the highlight of the night for many Japanese tourists watching us from their balcony. The radio station called us in the morning to find out if we had had a suitably romantic night. My husband had caught a red eye flight to Auckland for a business meeting and was unable to comment but I happily reported that we had slept brilliantly. It was night off from the children!

My loved one has done quite well from my competition entries; it was our 28th wedding anniversary two days ago and we went to dinner at Hippopotamas on a voucher I won at Te Papa last year in a quickfire WOW challenge. The meal and service was divine as was the 2008 Savingnon Blanc from Haythornthwaite Wines in Martinborough. And no, they didn't pay me to say that.

In the meantime, here is the poem that won us such a treat all those years ago:

A Lover's Feast

I'd like to make you dinner,
With French champagne to pour,
I'd drink in your sensation,
You'd be my Soup de Jour.

Then maybe for an entrée,
We'd try some quail's eggs,
Arranged around your ankles,
I'd eat them off your legs.

For main course you'd be something,
With oysters down your spine,
I'd smother you in dressing,
And soak your mind in wine,

Desert would be indulgent,
Quivering with cream,
I'd drizzle you in chocolate,
Then lick your platter clean.

But eating's so domestic,
With the kids at home,
They don't know were hungry,
And long to be alone.

If we had an evening,
Together, just me and you,
I'd love to turn you into,
A Valentines meal for two.


maricia@design said...

Cool fifi. Happy valentines day.

maricia said...

Happy valentines day.
Wonderful memories.
Poetry to enlighten.

Cheers fifi,

M x

Melinda Szymanik said...