Saturday, June 26, 2010

Artist for Sale

Have a trawl through the links at the top of my page- it tells you about what I do, what I love and what I want to do more of: essentially creating stuff. I draw, I paint, I write, I make things and talk about them in an entertaining way. I've always thought that if you are given a talent in this life, be it with numbers, music, healing, art (everyone has a talent- sometimes its just that you can listen and not judge), you must use it. To do otherwise is a waste of the gifts that have been bestowed on you by your genes, or your gods. This is why I do what I do and don't work stacking shelves in a supermarket- I have no talent for that; I am too short by half and I'd just want to make groovy pyramid patterns from the tins. I'd love to be philanthropic but I'm the breadwinner in our household, therefore....

So I can honour my gifts; pass on my website address to everyone you know who might have artwork they need done, an illustrated talk they'd love to have, some creative writing they'd like to have ghost written perhaps, and help me to keep generating myself in the world as who I am. Much love to all my followers xxx

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