Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday Poem- all washed up

For Mothers Day...

All Washed Up
A dirty conversation between the kids

It’s your turn to do the dishes
No, I washed them all yesterday
So was that just before or after
You went to the park half the day?

It’s your turn to do the dishes
But that’s so not fair you jerk
Well I can’t be expected to do them
‘cos I’ve got my history homework.

It’s your turn to do the dishes
No way, that’s two in a row
That wasn’t double you idiot
You just did one lot twice as slow.

It’s your turn to do the dishes
Nah, those are yours from last night
But we all had pizza delivered
So these are the breakfast ones, right?

It’s your turn to do the dishes
O.K- if you wash them I’ll dry
Well hand me the scrubber…oh look
Mum’s done them already- but why?


Tim Jones said...

Well, since you've already done the dishes, I think you should get them to wash the pizza boxes :-)

Mary McCallum said...

(-: oh that made me grin...

Melinda Szymanik said...

This made me laugh...I have 3 children and they still use the 'but I did that three nights ago' excuse. I guess maths is not their strong suit :)

Kristine said...

The poem is funny and nice. So love it, I hope you will continue writing more amazing poems