Thursday, January 28, 2010


I’ve been to two inspirational evenings in the space of two days, which is pretty good going on the law of averages isn’t it?

The first was the launch of the NZ Post Writers and Readers Week. Well not really the main launch but more of a drinkies for people involved in it. My invite came because I’m running a kid’s illustration workshop called ‘Character Creating’ on the 14th March at Capital E. Gavin Bishop, Paula Green and Joy Cowley are my much loved colleagues on the day too. I can’t wait! 

It was great to catch the lift to the 12th floor of NZ Post House. I’ve been up there before in different guises. As a stamp designer for the 1997 Christmas edition, as a judge for the 2008 New Zealand Post Book Awards, as a judge for the kids Christmas Stamp series in 2007, as a workshop host for festival organisers… well, it almost feels like home to me. NZ Post have been very supportive of so many artists in so many ways, so it was great to have a glass of wine and catch up with the people who make these festivals happen, because the wonderful line up of writers coming our way in March didn’t just get there all by themselves. I’ll be creating the spare time to go and see every single one of them…I’ll be the one they have to ask politely to move from my seat because I have been in the Town Hall for 6 days solid without a break!

The second inspirational event I attended was tonight at the National Speakers Association of NZ. I heard about it through Lawrence Green, the business coach and mentor I have been working with through the Business Centre here in Wellington. Lawrence is outstanding for getting your head to where you want your feet to go. We had him as a keynote speaker at the Spinning Gold Conference last year where he gave incredibly generously of his time and expertise.

The opening speaker at the NSANZ was Mark Blumsky who told the story of his shoe salesman to Mayor transformation with great presence, humour and love of Wellington, and the closer was the indomitable Billy Graham, who I was keen to be reserved about but ended up laughing and nodding with everyone else. He’s crazy, kind and a consummate entertainer with something to say. Different speakers with different looks, agendas, delivery and messages. I loved it.

And why were these two events over the past two days so inspiring? Because the first reminded me that leading a creative life is fundamental to my being and the second; that other people enjoy hearing about that, and how to get some of it for themselves.   

I’m in the process of reorganising my creative world so that it not only keeps me satiated and my audience inspired but keeps my accountant happy too. To do that, I have gathered 3 teams around me to help me do that; one to advise me on a book I’m writing, one to help me design a web presence that does more for my business, and one to propel me further for speaking engagements. I’m planning to have things up and running by April. 

As Kate Di Goldi said (quoting Thoreau) in her fabulous keynote speech at our conference last year:

Do what you love. Know your own bone; gnaw at it, bury it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.
And I found this from Golda Meir... The dog that trots about finds a bone.


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Melinda Szymanik said...

Both events sound fabulous. Your being inspired is infectious :)