Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Wish

Here's a little poem for you...

Every year I swear it,
Back as far as I remember,
I'll be organised for Christmas,
By the end of each November.

So why on Christmas Eve,
Am I shopping on the run,
For Totally Bimbo Barbie,
And a Mega water gun?

If my Visa card survives it,
We'll have presents for the tree,
(which I'll need to find this evening
in the attic after tea).

And on the kitchen bench,
I've a chicken gently thawing;
All the supermarket turkeys
Got snaffled up this morning.

I know by two or three A.M,
I'll get to rest my head,
The presents wrapped, the turkey stuffed,
Me too-collapsed in bed.

My stocking's out for Santa,
And next year I'll be wiser,
You see he'll leave me just one gift;
A personal organizer!

Merry madness 
xxx Fifi

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