Thursday, September 24, 2009

Spinning Gold

It’s Thursday. One week since the day before the start of the Spinning Gold Conference (18th, 19th & 20th September). As the co-convenor I am just coming right now- sleep restored, equipment back in boxes, coffee levels topped up with the inevitable post-event bill paying and administration still to be done. Judging by the e-mails flooding in from satisfied, inspired and invigorated delegates, we delivered the conference we promised.

Our awesome committee is exhausted but elated - Maureen Crisp my co-convenor says it all in her post I won't do a run down of the weekend- Melinda Syzmanik gives a much better precise of the conference in her blog. Go and read it. As for me, now that the 18 months of planning is over, you might ask what I plan to do now? Well, apart from hauling out two unfinished manuscripts I’ve had no chance to work on during that time, and visit some more schools to talk about my writing and a forthcoming Spring Festival workshop to deliver and my usual beloved spot on the Good Morning Show to make crafts for, it’s the WOW awards tomorrow night, so I plan to drink. Salute.

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Over the past week I've talked with so many writers who absolutely loved the weekend and all that it offered. What a great effort organising such a sucessful conference and the generosity of the presenters is something that they have all commented on - and of other writers in workshops etc. Gosh, you are a powerhouse of talent and energy Fifi - and Pippa Werry too, who does such a lot, so quietly and efficiently for NZSA.