Friday, April 17, 2009

Art in Action

I am too busy working to blog- well at length anyway- which is a good thing in these current economic times. So go to my Crafty Arts blog instead and take a look at some photos of the Wearable Art workshop I held a couple of weekends ago. We all had a great time and especially enjoyed dressing up the mini mannequins. There were some ideas with real 'legs' that came out of it and I hope to see some of them on the stage at the WOW show in September- including my own if I get unbusy enough to finish it in time!

2 comments: said...

Fifi - as I've said before and it bears repeating - the rest of us with perhaps only one talent that we strive to perfect or believe in, are possibly a teensy bit miffed that you straddle so many artistic genres with such ease. But we don't begrudge you, it's just more about astonishment I think.

Fifi Colston said...

you are very kind Maggie and I am in the fortunate position of loving what I do and being able to do it, and in the process hopefully being able to entertain, amuse and inspire my audience. Because what is an artist without one? Oh I know... a supermarket shelf stacker- the spectre of which job has me be doubly more creative in order to avoid the prospect...I'm so short I'd be hopeless at it anyway!