Monday, December 01, 2008

Fly My Pretty (boy child)

I waved my 18 year old off on the bus today- on an adventure north to meet up with his girlfriend, the school part of his life having finished for good and the next part of his journey through the world about to begin. I watched him climb aboard the Naked Bus Company, long hair flowing, skinny black jeans clinging and his head plugged into ‘Tool’ via MP3 player and was reminded of the last time I waved him goodbye. The following poem addressing my emotional state was published in Next magazine back in 1995…

A Free Woman

My baby's off to school,

What's that I hear you say?

Will I take up tennis now,

And laze around all day?

Or fill my empty hours,

With a little part-time job,

Mourning my lost playmate,

Whilst I earn an extra bob?

Then perhaps because I'm lonely,

For my little chickadee,

Get all kind of broody,

And start on number three?

Well I can tell you sister,

That for five long years and more,

I've been a wise apprentice

On the motherhood shop floor.

I've breastfed babes whilst working

And been desperate for sleep:

Juggling creche and preschool,

(Escape routes don't come cheap).

Real life just ain't too much,

Like the good old Brady bunch,

So I'm hanging up my pinny,

And I'm going out for lunch!

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