Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Fairy Glad

In between posting 'letters from the U.K' I wanted to get Fairy Glad out into the world.

Here she is- my creation from scraps; she is an environmentalist of sorts. Fairy Glad lives on the edge of the park where the lawnmowing stops and the rubbish begins. She makes quite a few friends there; from egg cartons, corks, safety pins... anything you might find in a dump. Here she is with Korky the Katipo and Tip the Terrier. She thinks smart and makes things - not just another cute fairy who waves a wand. Fairy Glad waves a brush and saves the day and at the end of the book you can make the things she saved it with- all from things you find in your own rubbish. So if there is a publisher out there who wants a different angle on fairies in this age of petrol prices going up (because one day we may just have to make do and mend again) ...then drop me a line!


Anonymous said...

please could u help my niece has sent a letter to a baby fairy asking for a little sister but brother and sisterinlaw not ready for another little one yet, and would like a nice little verse to send back to there daughter. thanks for any help u can give me...

I'm Fairy Glad! said...

Hi there, I've written a poem on my blog for your niece. I hope it helps!cheers Fairy Glad.