Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Dutch Treat

Ah, I see I have been lax in my blogging. One might think I've been taking substances which might hinder my progress. Alas, giving way to middle age and finding half a glass of wine these days has me disabled for days, I have not. Any drugs other than paracetamol are a no go zone, but this doesn't stop street hawkers trying to sell their wares abroad, as I found out in Holland a couple of years ago...

Dutch Treat

At a pleasant bar in Amsterdam,
Observing wild life,
I bring to it experience,
Of motherhood and wife…

On the way to my cold Heineken
I met a dodgy bloke,
Who offered me some cannabis
Two ecstasy, and coke.

Whilst very slightly flattered
That I looked the type to buy
(Not too middle aged, or straight
And ready for a high)

I wondered what would happen
To my nuclear family
If throwing caution to the wind,
I took a tab of ‘E’.

Would the cooking of the dinner then,
Become a feast of love,
And the dirty dishes, sensual,
When touched by rubber glove?

The kids would seem angelic
And my husband really deep,
Or would I follow true to form?
Throw up, then fall asleep?

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