Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Leading Questions

I wote this after doing a course where leadership was the big question of the day and Ghandi was mentioned more than once as where we should be headed on our life's journey. It got me thinking about all the great people in the world and if they ever had to do the ironing. I suppose if you wear a loin cloth and sit on a mountain top, no. But then who would do the grocery shopping?

The venerated Ghandi
Was a dedicated man,
Who hunger struck for freedom
And we celebrate his stand.

But I am given to wonder
About the course of British rule,
That, if instead of leading India,
He had to take the kids to school.

Now I am sure my purpose
In this brief and mortal life
Is higher than my current role
Of mother and housewife.

I’d gladly fight for causes
And meditate for hours,
If I didn’t have to supervise
Kids homework, or their showers.

I could even see me marching,
Inspiring masses everywhere
If someone else cooked dinner
And paid out for childcare.

It seems that having babies,
An immortal leader does not make,
Joan of Arc was kid free
Before they burned her at the stake.

And before you say ‘There was one!
Who had a child’, I know,
But Immaculate Conception?
I blew that one years ago!


Anonymous said...

right on

Anonymous said...

Hi, Liked this poem a lot! I also write poetry, but didn't know blog existed. very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hi Fifi

Where can I get your book of poetry? Can't find it anywhere. What is the exact title?
Keep up the blogging.


Barbaa Murison

Anonymous said...

I'll look out for your book too - will try Marsden Books. Nice having a childless chat at the Penthouse on Sunday. Looking forward to bringin a few housewives out one night to your comedy thingy.

Jo Wilson.